Saunders Family |Greenville, NC| Family Photographer

I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!!! I've been friends with this family for a few years now and I just love them more and more everytime I get to work with them. They are so laid back and easy going and definitely a blast to be around. They are always up for whatever which always makes the shoot 10 times more fun! Thanks for spending some time with me Saunders family! You guys are great and I hope you enjoy! -Michelle 2013-11-05_0015.jpg 2013-11-05_0016.jpg 2013-11-05_0017.jpg 2013-11-05_0020.jpg2013-11-05_0018.jpg 2013-11-05_0019.jpg

2013-11-05_0021.jpg 2013-11-05_0023.jpg2013-11-05_0022.jpg

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