The Messer Family |Waterford, MI|Personal Post

This summer me and the little family headed up to Michigan to visit Eric's family.  While we were there Eric's mom really wanted family pictures done so of course I volunteered to take them.  We spent the evening at the park attempting to get photos of 6 children that wanted absolutely nothing to do with photos... well except for Wallace.  Although the cooperation wasn't 100% I think the final product wasn't half bad. It's not how perfect the photos are but about the memories we created that night. We had a fun evening as a family and that's something that we don't get to do very often.  There will be more Michigan trip photos posted soon but for now here is the beautiful Messer Family. IMG_7755-2 IMG_7745 IMG_7714 IMG_7730 IMG_7727-2IMG_7794 IMG_7766IMG_7770IMG_7828IMG_7826 IMG_7694-2 IMG_7679 IMG_7710 IMG_7814-2IMG_7878 IMG_7910 IMG_7908IMG_7906 IMG_7897-2 IMG_7890-2IMG_7821 IMG_7820 IMG_7656 IMG_7641-2 IMG_7637-2IMG_7868