Eliza-Grey | 1 Year Old | Greenville, NC Children's Portrait Photography

I received a phone call on a Wednesday from a friend of one of my clients.  She really wanted photos done of her daughter that would soon be turning one but the only catch was that she needed them done that weekend.  Surprisingly, that worked great with my schedule.  That Saturday was the ECU football season opener but tailgating didn't start until 1:00 and my parents had Wallace for the weekend.  She chatted with me for a bit and told me she wanted to take the photos at her parents house because it's so beautiful there and that she really wanted her parents included in the photos.  All sounded great and I couldn't wait to meet Ann-Michael and her little girl Eliza-Grey.  I later found out that Ann-Michael's dad was Coach Terry Holland and I was going to his house for the photos... No pressure, right?  Well, let me tell you, as soon as I saw the adorable Eliza-Grey I immediately forgot all about Coach Holland (no offense Coach)!  I had such a blast with this family.  They were laid back and just let me do my thing which made these photos, in my opinion, turn out pretty darn amazing.  Happy first birthday to the beautiful, Eliza-Grey. IMG_9363 IMG_9358IMG_9274 IMG_9217IMG_9291 IMG_9279IMG_9367 IMG_9408IMG_9458IMG_9448IMG_9468IMG_9448IMG_9462IMG_9469IMG_9497IMG_9523IMG_9516IMG_9692 IMG_9547 IMG_9558 IMG_9561 IMG_9572 IMG_9620 IMG_9640 IMG_9663 IMG_9722 IMG_9756 IMG_9789 IMG_9786 IMG_9804 IMG_9824 IMG_9819