Sours Family | Greenville, NC | Family & Children Photographer

Mary came to me several months ago and asked for me to take some photos of her daughter Amelia and family.  Obviously I said yes... how could I not pass up the opportunity to photograph this little beauty.  Amelia is beyond blessed to have such loving and giving parents but I'm pretty sure Mary and AJ are the beyond lucky ones... I mean just look at how their faces light up when they look at their little girl.  We had such a fun time playing in their yard, blowing bubbles, playing fetch with the dogs, and of course allowing Ms. Amelia to be the diva she is ; )  A big thanks to this family for allowing me to document these sweet little moments. IMG_6821IMG_6829IMG_6830-2IMG_6840IMG_6844IMG_6848-2IMG_6863IMG_6873IMG_6878IMG_6893IMG_6895IMG_6901-2IMG_6912IMG_6914IMG_6947-2IMG_6930IMG_6933IMG_6954IMG_6966IMG_7005IMG_7006IMG_7010IMG_7015IMG_7018IMG_7049IMG_7050IMG_7064IMG_7092