Conquering Grandfather Mountain |Personal Post|

At the end of May, our little family of three made our way to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Although we were heading there for our friend Megan and Todd's wedding we wanted to have some fun, family time, as well.  I remember going to Grandfather Mountain as a child and thinking it was the coolest place ever, so obviously Wallace and Eric needed to experience it, too. Once we arrived, we stopped at the front gates and were given a CD to listen to on our ride up the mountain, that told us fun interesting facts about Grandfather Mountain.  When we finally reached the top we headed straight for the mile high swinging bridge.  Wallace, of course, had no fear at all!  That kid just walked right on across the bridge! Once we made it on the other side he was up for a little hiking. We hiked a bit and I was able to capture some awesome photos that I know we will treasure for years and years.

After our hike, and quick stop in the gift shop, we made our way down the mountain.  During the drive down we listened to more of the CD that was given to us at the beginning of the trip.  As we were heading around one of the many sharp curves, I saw a sign that said Forrest Gump Curve.... and then the CD started talking about how the curve was used in the filming of Forrest Gump!  Wait! What? Forrest Gump was filmed right in that very spot???? Well, being the huge Forrest Gump fan that I am, I just had to get a picture with that sign... Eric rolled his eyes as I handed him the camera and started posing!  Ahhh, that man puts up with so much!

After the photo shoot with Forrest Gump Curve, we went to visit the wildlife habitats where we got to see otters, bears, eagles, cougars, and deer.  Wallace fell in love with the otters and we had to go back more than once to see them before we left the mountain.

If you ever get the chance, try to make a visit to  North Carolina's beautiful mountains and try to make a stop at Grandfather Mountain... totally worth the experience!

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