Leah |Class of 2013| Greenville, North Carolina Senior Portrait Photographer

Rebecca, a friend I had met through Stroller Strides, contacted me back in March to see if I could take some last minute senior portraits of her Stepdaughter, Leah.  Of course I was more than happy to help her out! Senior portraits are one of my favorite kinds of portrait photography.  There is something about that age that is so much fun to capture.  They are confident, outgoing, and they are  just starting to figure out who they are, which always shows in the photographs.  They let me be creative and they are always willing to do any crazy thing I ask them to do in front of the camera which usually makes the best photographs.

I had not met Leah prior to our session but Rebecca kept raving about how beautiful she was and that I HAD to get a photograph highlighting her gorgeous eyelashes. Well let me just tell you, Leah did not disappoint one bit!  This girl is gorgeous... and those eyes... TO. DIE. FOR!

There is this field that I pass every morning and evening on my daily commute to and from daycare and I have been dying to shoot someone in that field.  As soon as I met Leah, I knew we would be heading to that spot!  We had so much fun and I'm so pleased with these images... honestly, how bad could they have been with Leah as my model?

Congrats on your graduation, Leah!  Success is yours! You did it! Way to go!

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